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Kewanna Metal Specialties

KMS, Inc. is a family owned, non-union corporation, dedicated to providing  top quality, cost efficient wire forms and wire assemblies and allied services.  Founded in 1960, the Finke family took control of Kewanna Metal in 1962 when Allen Finke transitioned from General Manager to President; in more recent years, the Finke's second generation have become the managing executives of the business: James Finke (Vice President of Manufacturing) and Jeffrey Finke (Vice President of Sales).  Backed by a forward thinking team of knowledgeable and qualified managers and support staff, Kewanna Metal Specialties represents a collective of nearly 300 years' worth of wire manufacturing experience.

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Contact KMS - 

Telephone: 574-653-2554

Facsimile:  574-653-2556

We'll be happy to review your production needs.  Fax, email, or send us your requests for quotation (preferably with a dimensioned print/drawing) today!  We are able to view most standard graphic and cad formats.  Please include your expected purchase volumes, finish requirements (if any), and any other pertinent information and requirements.

Sales email:
Jeff Finke

Manufacturing email:
Jim Finke 

Production Scheduling/Customer Service email:
Amy Kwiatkowski  

Purchasing/Office Management email:
Bev Baldwin 


Please contact us with your questions, concerns, and requests for a Kewanna Metal Specialties catalog.

email us!

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KMS Location

KMS is conveniently located in North Central Indiana, and is accessible via Indiana state highways, and is served by virtually all freight lines.  

Kewanna, Indiana is approximately:

90 miles SE of Chicago, Illinois

75 miles North of Indianapolis, Indiana

60 miles West of Fort Wayne, Indiana

45 miles South of South Bend, Indiana. 

Our secondary plant and warehouse are located 15 miles away in Rochester, Indiana. 

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KMS Services

Kewanna offers a wide variety of manufacturing options in its menu of abilities. Assembly, bending, brazing, broaching, chamfering, coining, cold-forming/heading, e.d.m. shaping/cutting, drilling, fettering, fixturing, forming, grinding, jigging, key-slotting, knurling, machining, pilot-run & prototyping, punching, shearing, slotting, swaging, threading, and welding are just some of the services provided. 

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Kewanna provides several finishing options, including in-house powder coated finishes, and several decorative metallic platings and finishes. KMS provides electrostatically applied Epoxy, Polyester, Urethane, and modified Vinyl powder coatings, as well as general Vinyl powder coating via fluidized bed.

Kewanna also can provide degreasing, rust inhibiting rinses, hot-dip galvanizing, black oxide, zinc and clear chromate, zinc and yellow chromate, nickel-chrome plating, and electro-polished finishes. 

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Minimum Orders

KMS has no minimum manufacturing quantity.  However, KMS does charge a $75 minimum.  It should be noted that set-up costs, engineering costs, and relevant tooling costs can have a significant impact on small quantity orders. Because of these charges, ordering one piece of a custom product generally results in a charge of at least $100.00 plus tooling, if any.  

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Tooling Cost

Tooling is purchased by the customer for the manufacture of a production order, it is owned exclusively by that customer, who is entitled to exclusive rights to the tooling. The tooling is the property of the customer, but in the possession of KMS.  KMS  warehouses said tooling and performs normal maintenance of the tooling to guard against normal wear and tear and to ensure it's accuracy.  

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KMS Removal Charges

While tooling is the property of the customer, it remains in the possession of KMS.  Tooling is produced and charged at, or most often, below the actual cost to produce the tooling.  Tooling removed from KMS' possession is subject to a removal fee. The tooling removal fee for KMS is 25% of the original cost, or the actual cost to produce the tooling, whichever is greater.

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Kewanna provides cut threading in a range from #5 through 3/4-20 cut threads.  

Kewanna provides rolled threading in a range from #4-40 through 1 1/4 - 20 rolled threads. 

Kewanna does not provide wood-screw threading, nor acme threading. 

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Kewanna provides arc, butt, spot, mig, and tig welding.

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Material Size 

Kewanna works with low to medium carbon wire, galvanized steel wire, stainless steel wire, and brass wire. 

Round, square, oval, octagon, and hexagon shapes are all available. 

KMS regularly works in wires ranging from .062" (minimum) through 1.000" wire diameters.  We are capable of working in wire/rod up to 1.500" diameter. 

KMS is willing to review any application. Should it be determined that an item  is outside of our realm of capabilities, Kewanna can frequently make recommendations as to where one may be able to source that type of work. 

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Please contact us with your questions, concerns, and requests for a Kewanna Metal Specialties catalog.

email us!


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