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Welded Assemblies since 1960

While there are many Wire Forms and Welded Assemblies companies around, few companies distinguish themselves by specializing in a host of large wire diameter capabilities and oversized parts.

Welded Assemblies

Kewanna Metal specialties, Inc. is one of those few companies, working regularly in wire as large as 1.250" diameter. Forming, threading, machining, coining, punching, drilling, welding, powder coating, and Welded Assemblies, we are eager and proud to put our resources to work at solving your problem wire forms.

Heavy Weldments

Whether manufacturing 10 foot diameter wire fan guards, forming 7/8 diameter retention rods, or powder coating 120 pound coiled springs, KMS will help provide you with ease of mind in the midst of your worst manufacturing pandemonium.

Excellent customer service, powerful problem solving abilities, and a manufacturing and customer service team with centuries of practical, working experience with wire: You can count on KMS to be a star player on your team!


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