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Kewanna Metal Specialties

Who is Kewanna Metal Specialties, Inc.?

KMS, Inc. is a family owned corporation, dedicated to providing  top quality, cost efficient wire forms and wire assemblies and allied services.  Founded in 1960, the Finke family took control of Kewanna Metal in 1962 when Allen Finke transitioned from General Manager to President; in more recent years, the Finke's second generation have become the managing executives of the business: James Finke (Vice President of Manufacturing) and Jeffrey Finke (Vice President of Sales).  Backed by a forward thinking team of knowledgeable and qualified managers and support staff, Kewanna Metal Specialties represents a collective of nearly 300 years' worth of wire manufacturing experience.  

What is Kewanna Metal Specialties?

KMS is a non-union manufacturer of wire forms, welded assemblies, and powder coatings. KMS specializes in short to medium volume items, but is willing to review any production volume.  Producing virtually every type of wire product (except springs), Kewanna utilizes a broad range of materials in a wide array of material sizes.  From handle wires, shelving, hooks and hangar wires, basketball backboard struts, battery hold downs, to even room-sized fan guards. 

Most of Kewanna's output is manufactured from low to medium carbon wire, galvanized steel wire, brass and stainless steel wire. Round, square, oval, octagon, and hexagon shapes are all available. 

Kewanna typically works within a range of material sizes from .059"  (1.5 mm) through 1.000" (25.4 mm) wire diameters, we are willing to review any application. If we determine that your need is something outside of our realm, we will do our best to recommend an alternate source.  

What services are offered by Kewanna Metal Specialties? 

KMS offers a broad variety of wire manufacturing options:  assembling, bending, brazing, broaching, chamfering, coining, cold-forming/heading, e.d.m. shaping/cutting, drilling, fettering, fixturing, forming, grinding, jigging, key-slotting, knurling, machining, pilot-run & prototyping, punching, shearing, slotting, swaging, threading, and welding, are just some of the services provided. 

In addition to the above-mentioned manufacturing opportunities, Kewanna also provides several finishing options, including in-house polyester, epoxy, urethane, and vinyl powder coated finishes, as well as several decorative metallic platings and finishes.

Kewanna provides cut threading in a range from #5 through 3/4-20 cut threads.  Kewanna provides rolled threading in a range from #4-40 through 1 1/4 - 20 rolled threads. Kewanna does not perform wood-screw threading, nor acme threading. 

Kewanna provides arc, butt, spot, mig, and tig welding.

KMS provides electro statically applied Epoxy, Polyester, Urethane, and modified Vinyl powder coatings, as well as general Vinyl powder coating via fluidized bed.

Kewanna can provide degreasing, rust inhibiting rinses, hot-dip galvanizing, black oxide, zinc and clear chromate, zinc and yellow chromate, nickel-chrome plating, and electro polished finishes. 

Kewanna Metal Specialties is located in Kewanna, Indiana, which is conveniently located in virtually the center of Northern Indiana, and is easily accessed via state highways and served by virtually every freight hauling trucking line. Our secondary plant is located 15 minutes away in beautiful Rochester, Indiana and is as equally well accessed and easily serviced by many carriers. 

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