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Roll threading and threaded Rods

In addition to our vast wire crafting abilities at Kewanna Metal Specialties (KMS), our Indiana Threaded Products division (ITP) offers a variety of machining operations that include: roll threading, cut threading, cold heading forming, knurling, drilling, tapping, punching, coining, chamfering, heat treatment, wire extrusion, assembly, milling, grinding, key slotting and even precision profiling.

Three Dimensional bending in diameters .187 through .500 with Bright Basic, Galvanized Basic, and Stainless Steel.

Whether your sourcing requirement is 100,000 threaded battery hold-downs, 25,000 U-bolts, 1000 cold-headed control rods, or even 50 all-thread rods, Kewanna Metal Specialties and Indiana Threaded Products (ITP) will team-up to provide you with competent, high quality, economical solutions!

Our size capabilities include:


  • Cut Threading wire diameters: 0.108" diameter minimum; 

  • 1.000" diameter maximum. 

No maximum length

ROLL THREADING wire diameters: 

  • 0.108" diameter minimum
  • 2.000" diameter maximum (that’s right... TWO INCHES!)

No maximum length.


Indiana Threaded Products (ITP) can provide custom heading, or washer style collars on wire of any length, in a broad range of materials. Please send us your requirements for a quote!

  • Cold heading/forming wire diameters: 0.125" diameter minimum

0.500" diameter maximum
No maximum length. 

We work with a variety of material types; the most common are: steel (carbon and alloys), stainless steel, bronze, brass and copper.

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